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- Est. 2017-


“Trust drives action and action drives results. Whether we succeed or fail depends on what we believe and how we do it based on those beliefs.”

In 2021, Hutechfoods continues to promote our strengths to actively promote effective growth momentum, and sustainable development, contributing to the highest success and benefits for customers.

Despite our young age, Hutechfoods was formed and born and is gradually proving to be a symbol of the global food supply. It is no longer in the business value but also the mission, the concern of the founders of Hutechfoods!

From the beginning, Hutechfoods put customer benefit first, as well as taking human resources as the core for the sustainable development of the company.

After all the days have passed, Hutechfoods has quickly affirmed its position in the market, revenue has grown significantly, built a network of supply products for international importers such as The Russian Federation, China, Korea,…

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Vision and mission


Become one of the symbols of supplying agricultural products. Create a breakthrough development in the following years to become a strong business, contributing practically to the community.


Constantly innovating, striving to create high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Providing high-quality products with stability and long-term, listening and always strengthening technical and technological capacity to meet the needs of customers.

Core values

- Est. 2017 -

Our History

It is by chance that the starting point of Hutechfoods is to provide food industry equipment solutions. We have approached a lot of food production technologies in developed countries; The demand for clean food here is almost unlimited while the sources of raw materials in Vietnam are easy to find!

The story begins
Our passion for the food industry is determined to look to countries that have been developing greatly in this industry, and the opportunity has come after a period of thorough research, we have chosen Eastern Europe and China.
2017 – 2019
Hone experience
We traveled across the country with our partners, meeting a lot of dedicated experts to create a lot of value together. Not stopping there, we spent a lot of time learning and cultivating with leading food experts of the Russian Federation and China and received experimental training cooperation, thereby helping us to own many practical progressive solutions in production.
First Order
Passion fruit juice is the strength of Hutechfoods to be docked in China, marking the successful beginning of the nostalgia,... next to a series of orders of dried mangoes from Eastern European countries in the context of the covid-19 epidemic is complicated, signaling a more prosperous future ahead.
Birth of Hutechfoods
People working towards the common goal of building a complete and developed clean agricultural ecosystem have jointly built the hutechfoods brand. With the mission of creating professionalization in standard food production and unlimited global supply.
Aspiration to conquer
Russia gives us a lot of valuable practical value. In February 2022, we set up a representative office in Moscow to officially lay the foundation for construction and development in Aries.
- Hard Work -

Message of Hutechfoods BQT

  • The success of Hutechfoods today must be mentioned the efforts and excitement of the staff, the board of directors of the company, the partner units, and customers who have always trusted, supported, and helped Hutechfoods throughout the time. On behalf of Hutechfoods, we would like to send our sincerest greetings and thanks for your support and cooperation throughout the time.
  • Since its establishment, Hutechfoods has been gradually developing and perfecting, providing customers with the best quality products and services contributing to building a sustainable clean food ecosystem.
  • Regarding the long-term development strategy, Hutechfoods focuses on exploiting its competitive advantage which is to bring customers high-quality products and long-term stability, which is the core factor for competition and success in the food industry.
  • Another important factor is to connect the value chains of the product to create a maximum competitive advantage.
Olivia Thomas
Senior Chief Supervisor
Adam Boyd
Managing Director
Randy Crishen
Assistant Managing Director