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Soft Dried Mango Export Of The Russian Market – OEM Packing PE Bag 500g Asal brand

High quality Soft dried mango, OEM processing brand Asal packaging PE 500gram processing and production according to carefully selected conditions from the selection of raw materials, on the modern technology line iso 22000:2018 will bring customers products of good quality.

  • Product code:
  • Brand: Asal
  • Main ingredient: 100% natural mango
  • Characteristic:
  • Color: Bright yellow
  • Smell: Natural mango smell
  • Taste: Sour – characteristic sweet
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Packaging Size: OEM Brand Asal Bag Zipper 500gr
  • Supply capacity: 100 tons/month


Processed (OEM) according to the standards of the Asal brand for the Russian Federation market, high-quality dried mangoes are produced and packaged in a closed process according to iso 22000:2018 food safety management standards.

Soft Dried mango is a form of drying food of fresh mangoes, containing many beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Although the content of the substance is not as high as fresh mango, dried mango is considered a dish with many health benefits,  It boosts energy and reduces stress more.

As a perfect alternative to fresh mangoes, besides providing the same nutritional weight as fresh mangoes, dried mangoes also have great benefits such as Cancer prevention, Digestive support, Cholesterol reduction pepper, Skin beauty, Improved eyesight, Provide sources of minerals and fiber to the body,…

With modern production lines and strict quality control procedures, our company brings to consumers quality, safe, hygienic, non-impurities, no preservatives and ensures nutritional intake.

Soft Dried Mango OEM Packing 500gram For Euro Market
Soft Dried Mango OEM Packing 500gram For Euro Market

With modern production lines, our company brings to domestic and foreign consumers clean, quality, safe and hygienic products, without impurities, without preservatives. Our company supplies the domestic market and exports to fastidious countries such as: Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, Denmark, China…

Main Impressions:

  • Asal’s standards
  • Color: Natural bright yellow
  • Shape: Dry plastic
  • Taste: The naturally sweet and sour taste of mangoes
  • Flavor: Characteristics of natural mangoes
  • Size: uniformly 12cm long, thickness from 0.35cm
  • Total filial bacteria (ISO 4833 test method): 2×101 cfu/g
  • Humidity (70°C): 16.8%
  • Coliforms/g: <10
  • Ecoli: <10
  • Sugar: 3% more sugar brew
  • Sodium metabisulphite (so2): 240mg/kg
  • Citric acid: 9700 mg/kg
  • Sorbate Times: 256 mg/kg
  • Glycerol: 0,74
  • Sorbetit acid: 190
  • Mold: <10
  • Impurities: no

Certification – certificate: ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, HALAL,…

Capacity to provide:

  • Minimum order quantity: 1 ton
  • Supply capacity: 100 tons/month

Health Benefits Of High Quality Soft Dried Mango

Mangoes bring many health benefits thanks to their abundant source of nutrients including: Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, minerals, lipids, enzymes,… Supplementing these sources regularly will help:

  • Weight loss
    Dried mango has high content of soluble fiber that lowers the absorption of glucose by the body as a fuel. It enhance metabolism and assist in losing weight simultaneously.
  • Immune health
    Dried mango possesses vitamins and more than 25 carotenoids that assist to maintain healthy immune system.
  • Women’s health
    Dried mango is rich in calcium and iron. Iron is essential for formation of DNA and assist haemoglobin which carries oxygen around bodies.
  • Healthy skin
    It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and beta-carotene that promotes radiant skin and provides relief from skin conditions such as acne


  • Eat directly as a snack.
  • As a gift
  • Used as an energy-rich diet food


  • Supplement with vitamins such as fresh mango (A, C, E), fiber
  • Provide energy in the diet plan, lose weight
  • Prevent constipation, the number of enzymes that support the digestive system
  • Powerful oxidants help prevent cancer
  • Pregnant women or people with anemia, mango is a fruit to use
  • Reduces stress, enhances memory, helps cells in the bodywork better


OEM dried mangoes are largely used in the food processing industry such as:

  • Confectionery ingredients
  • Producing packaged fruits suitable for all ages, especially young people, dieters need to supplement natural amounts of vitamin C
  • OEM Russian Market
LifeStyle children eating Soft Dried Mango
LifeStyle children eating Soft Dried Mango

Package size:

  • OEM bag PE: 500g/bag (20 bags/carton)
  • Carton 5 – 10kg
  • Free label design


  • All products are sourced from Hutechfoods Vietnam’s manufacturing plant.
  • Do not sell counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods
  • Commit the product to always in its original condition, full of information about the origin, production time, and shelf life
  • Support consulting to answer questions about all issues related to the quality of the product

Payment method

  • Domestic: cash, wire transfer
  • International: LC/TT

Shipping and delivery


Origin: Vietnam

Storage instructions and shelf life:

  • Storage of cold storage standard negative temperature: 1 year
  • Cooled to cool: 120 days
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